Blank Slate EP

by Tuukka Vatanen

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These songs were written and recorded in about 6 days.
You might want to turn up the volume (or not).

Oh and if you have, like, shitty speakers your stuff might blow up since none of these have been EQ'd properly AT ALL.

Thanks for listening.


released March 6, 2015




Tuukka Vatanen Helsinki, Finland

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Track Name: Lazy Sunday (Day 1)
She left
and I sat wondering there
what would happen next
Her hair on the pillow
made me think there might be a chance
I could be happy this time

We rolled around all afternoon
and lazily tried to have sex
but just being next to each-other
already felt too good

Now I miss her by my side
and going to sleep alone doesn't feel that good anymore
once you get used to sleeping with someone next to you
the empty space where she used to be
seems like it could eat you whole

Green tea and bananas
and Rolling Stones in the background
my head is in her lap
I could get used to this

Don't know how much I spent last night
Don't really care
For all it's worth I would do it again
there's things money can't buy
having her kiss me to sleep must be right on top

who knows, it all might go back to the way it used to be
but today wasn't a bad day to wake up
no, today wasn't bad at all
Track Name: Day 2 (Monday)
I saw the genes of queens and kings on her face
of peasants and mice in his place
The papers talk about murder in the city
But I've got my best shoes on
to make me feel the touch of the streets

There are women in the red
looking like they just came from the war
But all these people see is another mess abroad
another Monday in the tube

I'm hoping for the sun
to finally hit us with it's grace
Such has been the long winter this year
in this forsaken place

I could opt-out or drop in or tune out the noise
but somehow her face burns in my eyes
her face remains in my eyes

I'm obliged to continue to try my best
I have to run there's no time to rest
If not for me, then at least for her
or anyone who might come along the way

They're advertising fitness but I couldn't care less
I've always done better hanging on the fence
Now as I line up with these people of all colors
I'm beginning to think the only thing uniting us
is the grey metal of the escalators

I got my load of halogen at different schools
And now I keep going by the rules of some fools
One last time I tell myself again
I'll never open this heavy factory door
Until tomorrow comes
and I'm back on the drawing board
Track Name: Day 4 (Wednesday)
I woke up today and asked myself what would be the things to say
if I had to go now and there would be no way
if I couldn't come back
if I could not come back anymore

What would I feel bad about
what things I'd confess aloud
maybe the times I was a douche
what would be the words I'd use
before it's time to go
before it is my time to go

Well I guess I would thank you all
gathered around in yellow fall
thank you for being there
anyone have a smoke to spare?
I bet they don't serve these where I'm going

I was always tired of sitting by the sea
waiting for some boat to come and make me feel free
to take away some parts of my past

Well at least I did try
but I was just another guy
Who laughed and cried and sang a bit
now it's time to stop this shit
Pray for me
Pray for all the same things I did

Sometimes on my own
I would let myself go
Walked right in to a mystery
felt my body getting all blistery
Oh take this poison away from my veins

I was always tired of sitting by the sea
waiting for some boat to come and make me feel free
to take away some parts of my past

Don't forget to write
and don't forget to ask
your mom and dad are here
and you wish that this could last
give them a call before it's too late

and I guess to all the girls I'd say
thanks for the good times
I wish you could come with me
I could use a couple of angels by my side
I hope they're half as good to me as you have been

The final thing I'd ask
is for you to take my mask
come here to sit with me
oh I've never felt so free!
Track Name: End (Friday)
Might as well start to wrap this up
even though Friday is still far away
and I have no idea will she actually agree to meet me

these songs I make loom in the background
and if I'm lucky they might leave this room someday
and reach someone who might need a helping hand

Today a girl smiled at me on the street
don't know why but it suddenly made me feel pretty good
it's not much I know
but I guess it was just the thing I needed in my current sour mood
Guys I'll give you a piece of advice
Don't shave

Hell I could have gotten fired yesterday
but it doesn't really faze me like it might somebody else
all I care right now is these songs
believe me or not, I just don't care
I've literally been running home after work to get these done
like digging holes in some faraway garden
never knowing what might pop up next

there's no thrill like creating stuff
and while someone might come and knock over all the things you worked so hard to build
at least they were real for a moment
if not for anyone else, at least for you

I can already hear the melody coming in
now it's just finding out how the pieces fit together
after a while it's just like someone else is writing them
and you're free to put yourself aside and do whatever
no song has ever stopped the world from turning
so whatever man, do what you feel like
it's really not that big of a deal

I've already done multiple exorcisms on myself
and I'd say I feel a certain lightness
Stop trying so damn hard

Sometimes I just care too much of the species
whether it's New York or Senegal
Helsinki or Tokyo
We come a long way to stop now
but then again, love is all it takes
to stop us in our tracks
and make us go crazy
oh you're fucking crazy

throw it all out the window
I've been waiting for this for so long
to put so many expectations in to one single person
oh do you think the pressure might be too much?